A possible involvement of melanocortin 3 receptor in the regulation of adrenal gland function in the chicken

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The melanocortin 3 receptor (MC3-R) in the melanocortin receptor family has been identified as a neural receptor subtype mainly expressed in the brain in mammals. We report here the isolation of the chicken gene for MC3-R, CMC3, displaying different tissue distribution from mammalian counterparts. The CMC3 gene was found to be a single copy gene encoding a 325 amino acid protein, sharing 75.3-76.8% identity with mammalian counterparts. When assessed by RT-PCR, the CMC3 mRNA was not detected in the brain but was exclusively expressed in adrenal glands, where Agouti-related protein/Agouti-related transcript (AGRP/ART), a newly identified endogenous antagonist of MC3-R, is expressed in mammals, raising the possibility that the CMC3 plays a role in complicated regulation of the gland function by melanocortins and AGRP/ART in the chicken. Noteworthy, MC1-R gene was found to be a quite unique member of the chicken MC-R family with regard to GC content and codon usage. It may reflect as yet unidentified evolutionary pressure operating specifically on the gene. Copyright (C) 1999 Elsevier Science B.V.

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JournalBiochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular Cell Research
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  • Chicken
  • Codon usage
  • GC content
  • Genomic sequencing
  • Melanocortin 3 receptor
  • Tissue distribution

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