A novel quadripartite dsRNA virus isolated from a phytopathogenic filamentous fungus, Rosellinia necatrix

Yu Hsin Lin, Sotaro Chiba, Akio Tani, Hideki Kondo, Atsuko Sasaki, Satoko Kanematsu, Nobuhiro Suzuki

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Here we report the biological and molecular attributes of a novel dsRNA virus isolated from Rosellinia necatrix, a filamentous phytopathogenic fungus. The virus, termed Rosellinia necatrix quadrivirus 1 (RnQV1), forms rigid spherical particles approximately 45. nm in diameter in infected mycelia. The particles contain 4 dsRNA segments, dsRNA1 to dsRNA4, with a size range of 4.9 to 3.7. kbp, each possessing a single large ORF. A comparison of the virus-infected and -cured isogenic fungal strains suggested that RnQV1 infection has no appreciable phenotypic effects. Phylogenetic analysis using the dsRNA3-encoded RdRp sequence revealed that RnQV1 is more distantly related to quadripartite chrysoviruses than to monopartite totiviruses, and is placed in a distinct group from other mycoviruses. No significant sequence similarities were evident between known proteins and RnQV1 structural proteins shown to be encoded by dsRNA2 or dsRNA4. These suggest that RnQV1 is a novel latent virus, belonging to a new family.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - Apr 25 2012



  • DsRNA
  • Mycovirus
  • Quadripartite genome
  • Quadrivirus
  • Rosellinia necatrix
  • Virocontrol
  • White root rot

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