A model of large-strain cyclic plasticity describing the Bauschinger effect and workhardening stagnation

Fusahito Yoshida, Takeshi Uemori

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This paper presents a constitutive model that has a high capability of describing the deformation behavior of large-strain cyclic plasticity and also the stress-strain responses at small-scale re-yielding after large prestrain. A new equation of backstress evolution is proposed for an accurate simulation of the transient Bauschinger effect. Furthermore, an original idea of a non-isotropic-hardening surface defined in the stress space is presented for the description of the workhardening stagnation appearing under reverse deformation, as well as the strain-range and mean-strain dependencies of cyclic hardening characteristics. The validity of this model is confirmed by comparing the cyclic stress-strain responses calculated by the model with the experimental observations on some steel sheets and an aluminum sheet.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)661-686
Number of pages26
JournalInternational Journal of Plasticity
Issue number5-6
Publication statusPublished - Apr 10 2002
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  • B. Constitutive behaviour
  • B. Cyclic loading
  • B. Finite strain
  • Bauschinger effect

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